Data Heist

Synchronous iPad and PC stealth game - Programmer - (Oct 2012-Mar 2013)

Data Heist is a first-person stealth game with monitoring mechanics. Our prototype is playable on PC and iPad. We intend to make a step in the future of video games, with the soon arrival of XBox 720 and the Smartglass technology. In Data Heist, one screen is a typical FPStealth game, like Thief, or Deus Ex. The second screen (on our prototype the iPad) will display a top-down view of the map of the building. We want the player to have an « Ocean’s Eleven » feeling: organizing the best he can, with as much time as he wants, coordinating his team-mates.

As one of the two programmers on this project, these are some of the tasks I've accomplished so far :

I've created a c++ plugin that allows to compute obstruction, occlusion and simulated repositioning of a sound source via a hierarchical grid-based 3d pathfinding algorithm. It modifies dynamically the properties of the sound via the deformation of the "sound path" caused by the level geometry and the open or closed doors.

I've done the software architecture on the two devices, which permitted me to use a simple programming interface between them, and to export the 3d level design on the PC towards the 2d map displayed on the iPad.

I've implemented all the features that the drone (controlled through the iPad) can use (diversion, grapple, mine, light, ...).

Official site



Just Dance 2014

Engine / Tool Programmer - (Apr-Aug 2013)

On Just Dance, my main tasks were :

  • - Profiling (mainly on WiiU)
  • - Designing and implementing the editor's transformation gizmos (translation / rotation / scale)
  • - Applying the gizmos to Animation System's autokey
  • - Debugging

Official site


Tool Programmer - (Aug-Sep 2013)

On watch_dogs, my main tasks were to solve performance-related bugs by profiling on PS3 and XBox360.

Official site


Arcade shooter using trajectories - Programmer - (6-7 Jul 2013)

Okokokoko is an arcade shooter realised in 48h hours, where you have to design a trajectory pattern which will repeat, in order to pass through your enemies' shields.
It won the "arcade" prize for the first edition of Hits Playjam

Play Okokokokoko

Meat Versus Beat

Global Game Jam Game - Programmer - (26-27 Jan 2013)

Meat Versus Beat is a game created in C++ in 48 hours during the global game jam. It features an asymetric gameplay where one player must manage to reach a fast food restaurant in a platformer-like game, while his opponent tries to reduce his ability to move in a RTS game, by clogging its veins with fat.

You can play versus other players worldwide on the Internet.

Occupy Olympus

Transmedia Installation - Programmer - (2012)

Occupy Olympus is a transmedia installation realised for the "I Love Transmedia" exposition. It merges the greek mythology and the current economic and financial crisis. It involves two kinds of gameplays which have to communicate synchronously.

For this projects, as a programmer, my tasks were to :
- create a map editor (c++) in order to generate a map for one of the two games of the installation ;
- create an asset generator (c++) which role was to transform images to ASCII art colored and animated sprites ;
- create a sound client (c++ and Wwise sound engine) which could play the two games sound events on a remote machine ;
- implement one of the two gameplays (php, javascript, HTML5, ...) ;
- enable the communication between the two sides of the installation.

It was realised by an eleven students team and won the Beaumarchais Prize over five other projects.

Official page

Mob Clash

PvP Crowd Fighting Game - Programmer and original concept - (Apr-Jun 2012)

In Mob Clash you can control a whole team of 32 fighters with a X-Box 360 gamepad and your goal is to take down your enemy's team. The crowds can move (left stick) and change their formation (right stick) ;

For this projects, as the only programmer, the challenges were to conceive the crowd control, by using a mix of different algorithms. This game was made in c++, using Ogre3D for graphics and Wwise for the sound.

PC Build(needs 2 XBox 360 controllers)